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Pumpkin Falafel: regional pumpkin meets with oriental chickpeas

Avita Pumpkin Falafel

With Avita's new Pumpkin Falafel, regional pumpkin meets oriental chickpeas. The result is a fusion snack, which makes your mouth watering. The tender pumpkin gives the oriental chickpeas balls a juicy and fluffy consistence that makes all resistance futile. Avita Pumpkin Falafel are gluten-free and lactose-free as well as vegan. They are perfect as smart snack with a fresh dip, served on a salad or as classic dish in a pita or Turkish bread.
The oriental chickpeas balls are a bestseller for school meals and extend the vegetarian / vegan offer in snack-oriented catering. Preparation can be done in steamer oven, in oven (top and bottom heat and fan assisted), in deep-fat-fryer and in frying pan.

Avita's new vegetable innovation is free from hydrogenated fats, preservatives as well as artificial and natural colouring agents. Perfect for any menu, as there are no declarable additives.