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Green Protein Burgers

Not only veggies but also flexitarians will be pleased. Avita is providing plant-based highlights on the plate with three new Green Protein Burgers: edamame burger, chickpea burger and lentil burger. The trendy vegan products convince with unique ingredients, lots of flavour and an attractive appearance and are ideally suited to meet the nutritional demands of modern consumers.

For more sustainability on the plate
Whether for health reasons, the environment or animal welfare, more and more people are questioning their meat consumption and looking for meat-free alternatives on their plates. The desire for plant-based dishes in gastronomy is growing. This is also shown by the strong demand for vegan burgers.

Patties with a unique vegetable and hemp protein base
All those who like it meatless and natural will get their money's worth with the three plant-based burger patties. They have a unique vegetable and hemp protein base, which show that burgers don't necessarily need meat to be delicious. The Edamame Burger contains 74 per cent edamame beans, is enhanced with onions and garlic and savoury seasoned with jalapenos. Visible vegetable pieces and a bright green appearance characterise the patties, which come without breading and with a fine bite. The chickpea burger consists of 43 per cent grilled vegetables as well as chickpeas (19 per cent) and hemp protein. It is coated with a crispy cornflakes breading and gets its particularly spicy note from cumin, nutmeg and chilli. The lentil burger is made with red lentils (32 per cent), courgettes and hemp protein and is coated in a bright red beetroot breading. Candied ginger pieces provide a particularly aromatic kick.

Trendy vegan varieties, gluten- and lactose-free
All three Green Protein burgers are vegan, gluten-free and lactose-free. The frozen products are easy to handle and the basis for many creative burger dishes. Like all foodservice products from Avita, the Green Protein Burgers are also free of hydrogenated fats, preservatives, colourings and contain no additives that require declaration. They are prepared in the combi steamer, in the oven (top/bottom heat and convection) in the pan or in the deep fryer.