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Barley Burger

Refined with vegetables and high in fibre, the roast patty made from gourmet barley is a vital crunchy treat for anyone who wants to eat a balanced diet. Whether as a burger patty, as a side dish with salad, in a healthy bowl or on its own with a dip: the frozen-fresh basic product for the out-of-home market is a convincing power food in many roles.

Barley has been on people's diets since time immemorial and was used as a nutrient-rich staple food even before emmer and einkorn. Decades of breeding have turned this ancient grain into a premium cereal with special properties: Gerstoni barley has a delicious, mildly nutty taste, scores with few calories and contains important nutrients. In particular, the gourmet barley provides a high proportion of beta-glucan, a soluble dietary fibre that is valuable for human nutrition. The special dietary fibre can positively influence the metabolism and contribute to fitness and well-being in many ways.

Powerfood for healthy variety and diversity
The Barley Burger from Avita is made from gerstoni and kale and spicily seasoned with onions, hemp seeds and spices. With crunchy sesame breading and lots of flavour, the lactose-free and vegan patty cuts a fine figure in many dishes. It is ideal with salads, in a healthy bowl, as a smart snack with dip or as a delicious alternative to meat in a burger bun. The vegan vegetable patties from the freezer can be prepared quickly and easily in the combi steamer, oven, pan or deep fryer. Like all Avita products, the Barley Burgers contain no flavour enhancers, preservatives or colourings.