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Vegetable sausages

AVITA is presenting a new version of a classic snack at INTERNORGA 2024: the vegan vegetable sausage. Frozen, the new vegan snack hit consists of 59% vegetables such as carrots, parsnips, peas, corn, onions and kohlrabi. The veggie sausage is refined with spices and has an edible casing. The delicious result impresses with its top quality and excellent consistency. The new unique taste experience is particularly popular with the younger generation of vegans thanks to its wide range of consumption options, e.g. as a classic savory grilled sausage or in trendy, creative hot dog versions. The new AVITA vegetable sausages are a real highlight for all guests looking for delicious plant-based moments of indulgence.

This new vegan sausage from AVITA can be prepared quickly and perfectly in a combi-steamer, frying pan, saucepan, grill or deep-fat fryer.

Available from May 2024 in 5 x 1.2 kg bags with a piece weight of approx. 50 g