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The new Avita Sweet Potato Grilled Vegetable Burgers

The Avita Sweet Potato Grilled Vegetable Burgers are a vital crunchy treat with plenty of vegetables and hearty spices. They can be served as classic burger patties and can also be used in many other creative preparations. A new basic product for the out-of-home market with the vegetarian/vegan frozen food expertise of Avita.

Burgers without meat are the current trend. Yet only a few vegetarian vegan burger patties are actually made only from vegetables. The Avita Sweet Potato Grilled Vegetable Burger contains 34 percent sweet potato cubes with a high content of dietary fibre, vitamins and minerals and 21 percent substantial grilled vegetables of yellow and red peppers and courgette. The patties are seasoned with a smoked paprika powder which gives the product a pleasant smoky taste. Thanks to the gluten-free breadcrumb coating of pea- and tomato flakes, a crispy result is achieved with all types of preparation, which is also particularly stable when served. Avita Sweet Potato Grilled Vegetable Burgers are vegan and gluten- and lactose free. Like all Avita food-service products, they are free from hydrogenated fats, preservatives and artificial and natural colourings. They also bring a highlight to every menu in the areas of both gastronomy and group catering, as they don't contain any declarable additives. They can be prepared in a steamer oven, a baking oven (top/bottom heat and circulating air), in a pan or on the grill.