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Creative Veggie Ideas: Avita Greek Spinach & White Cheese Pasta Triangles

Trendy vegetarian products are becoming increasingly important in the eating-out market and nowadays are a main meal enjoyed by many vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike. With the new Greek Spinach & White Cheese Pasta Triangles, the expert brand for refined, vegetarian frozen food service products, Avita, brings a Mediterranean culinary delight to your table.

Mediterranean taste in triangular form
The new vegetarian Avita Greek Spinach & White Cheese Pasta Triangles are a creative presentation of the Greek pasta speciality, kritharaki. Kritharaki looks like long-grain rice but is actually a type of small pasta whose distinctive form will add variety to your favourite pasta dishes. Avita has made the kritharaki with fresh spinach, aromatic white cheese, red onions, green olives and lots of Mediterranean herbs to create a triangular-shaped Greek culinary delight. The irresistible pasta triangles are pre-cooked and can be taken out one-by-one as required. The deep-frozen Avita pasta triangles take approx. 12 minutes to prepare in the oven (convection oven, top heat or bottom heat) or in a combi-steamer with hot air. Alternatively, the pasta triangles can be pan-fried in approx. 8 to 10 minutes

The Avita Greek Spinach & White Cheese Pasta Triangles can be served as a vegetarian main dish, e.g. with a Greek salad and a delicious tzatziki dip. The spinach triangles also work very well as an innovative side dish to many Mediterranean dishes.

Available in a 5 x 1,200 g bag (approx. 55 g per portion)