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The AVITA vegetable and hemp sticks are an invigorating indulgence with the little power packs of hemp seeds and the finest vegetables.

Winner of the ANUGA "Innovation Taste Award" 2019


Just in time for Anuga and thus once again proving their capacity for innovation and competence when it comes to trendy, frozen fresh vegetarian/vegan products true to spirit of the time and ensure variety and excitement for the guests in the out-of-home market.

Megatrend plus a shooting star
Vegetarian and vegan food is the dynamic culinary trend dominating the out-of-home market with the potential for long-term success. Schne-frost has always been one step ahead of megatrends for 30 years, and with the brand Avita, it is a reliable partner with high-quality products and innovative ideas. With the new Avita vegetable and hemp sticks, Schne-frost has once again captured the zeitgeist in the food industry and communal catering. The small power packs of hemp seeds are a real shooting star and are currently the talk of the town. The tiny seeds (roughly 3 mm in diameter) grow on the hemp plant and are a true highlight thanks to their unique composition: hemp seeds contain every essential amino acid which is why they're a perfect source of protein. Additionally, hemp seeds have high amounts of vitamins B1, B2 and E, calcium, magnesium, potassium and iron, as well as the healthy fatty acids omega 3 and omega 6.

Avita vegetable and hemp sticks – an invigorating indulgence for every guest
The new Avita vegetable and hemp sticks are a trendy gluten and lactose-free frozen product which enriches the range of vegetarian and vegan options on offer. Tasty vegetables and legumes such as chickpeas, sweetcorn, carrots, parsnips and peas are combined with wholesome hemp seeds for that invigorating pleasure. The crispy sticks are a creative snack alongside tasty dips and a small salad, and can be used as an innovative side dish guaranteed to put a smile on your face. A little stick to brighten up your day.

Avita vegetable and hemp sticks are pre-baked in high-quality rapeseed oil and, like all Avita products, are free from hydrogenated fats, preservatives and artificial and natural colourings. The look perfect on every menu as they don't contain any declarable additives. They can be prepared in a steamer oven, a baking oven (top/bottom heat and circulating air), in a fryer or in the pan.