News from Avita

Always a round thing: Rice balls in Mediterranean style

Our new spicy Risotto and Mushroom Balls come in an Italian Style. Grilled mushrooms, Italian hard cheese and savoury vegetables turn the gluten free rice balls into a specialty in Mediterranean Style. Served as finger food or appetizer, you patronage can enjoy the Rice Balls plain or with a tasty dip. They upgrade traditional lunch salads as innovative topping and can also be served as classic side with meat or fish menus.

Preparation is fast and simple, just heat in conventional oven or steamer oven.

Far East treat: Vegan rice balls

Our new Vegetable and Rice Balls Asia surprise in form and taste. The exotically seasoned balls feature crunchy Asian vegetable mix, fine dates and hot spices. Combined with a sweet-hot dip, the Rice and Vegetable balls Asian Style are the perfect supplement for every finger food buffet. Serve them with crunchy fried and fresh vegetables, and the savoury Rice balls turn into a complete vegetarian meal in no time.

Preparation of vegan Rice Balls is quick and easy. Suitable for preparation in steamer oven or conventional oven.

Both varieties are available as of mid April in 1200 g bag.

Classic dish goes "veggie"

This autumn, Avita will be introducing a veggie variant of the beloved Swedish Köttbullar: Vegetable Köttbullar. Made from delicious vegetables such as peas, corn, paprika, green cabbage and onions, seasoned with hearty spices, the small veggie balls have an unforgettable taste. True to the slogan “anything goes!”, the veggie Köttbullar is both perfect as a side dish served with vegetable risotto as well as a snack with various kinds of dip. The preparation is simple and can be quickly done using a combi-steamer, oven or deep fryer.

Nicely filled

A crispy coating made of potatoes and vegetables and the creamy filling turn the new crispy veggie pockets into a real meal. Whether enjoyed with a fruity dip or with hearty oven-baked vegetables – the new veggie pockets can be combined in a variety of ways and can be prepared quickly and easily using the combi-steamer, oven or deep fryer. With their creamy filling made from cream cheese and savoury garden vegetables, the veggie pockets will not only make the heart of “rabid” vegetarians beat faster.

Flavoured with aromatic coriander:
Couscous and Vegetable Tartlet

Made with couscous and tender vegetables such as grilled peppers and broccoli. Aromatic coriander and fine spices give this colourful tartlet an incomparable delicious taste. The 125g Couscous and Vegetable Tartlets are quick and easy to prepare in the combi-steamer, microwave or oven. They have a long shelf life and an excellent consistency that cannot fail to impress and they are the perfect side dish with fish and seafood.

Colourful, tasty and packed with vegetables:
Avita Vegetable Rings

The crispy Vegetable Rings come in three delicious flavours in one mixed pack: carrot-corn, pea-spinach and corn-potato. The rings can be cooked in the combi-steamer, oven or deep fryer and they are perfectly suitable for use in children's and school meals. However, these colourful rings aren't limited to fun kiddy meals: these cheerful rings also look great as finger food, snacks or as toppings on a colourful salad.